I thought some of you might be interested in a little trivia regarding the straitjackets used on this site. Some of them I own and others have been borrowed... here's the scoop on each one! (If I have misused a term or have incorrectly identified something, please let me know -- but be nice!)
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This plushy soft straitjacket comes directly from JuRonCo. He graciously allowed me to test his new product. It features a soft, stuffed animal-like exterior and a silky satin lining. Its wonderfully cool when you first put it on, but soon gets warm and snuggly. I've had several gals try it on, and they all loved it. This is definitely the way to go if you want a comfy cozy straitjacket that you can loll around in.
This rubber straitjacket is from Jewell Marceau's personal collection. I asked her where she obtained it from, but she doesn't remember (Too bad for those of us who want to buy one like it!). Its blue and black rubber and has elastic loops on the shoulders that supposedly can be used for suspension. I did not try out this option. It felt pretty neat, although one gets hot and sweaty in it rather quickly.
This a straitjacket manufactured by Max Cita. He has an amazing array of straitjackets, body bags, and other similar bondage equipment. I borrowed this one from Slamm, but I hope to have a Cita 'jacket of my very own some day. I like the contrast of the blue straps on this one, and it fits very well. Its snug without being too tight.
This is a 3736A Locking Leather Straitjacket that my friend Slamm has allowed me to borrow. He purchased it from BDSM Toybox.  I'm not particularly fond of the high collar and the way the front pouches out at the crotch, but it is a nice straitjacket. It has thigh straps like the black canvas one and has a good high-fetish look.
This is a canvas Posey jacket that I got from my good friend Slamm, who got it from JuRonCo. (I'm sure you'll end up seeing some of Slamm's work in the Guest Gallery, when I get that going.) It buckles up the back and there is a strap for the arms to go through, as well as a crotch strap. This makes it much more difficult to escape from. 
This is a black canvas jacket with black leather straps and standard buckles. There are leg straps instead of a crotch strap, which I really like. (Much better for sex!) It also has a collar with a buckle on the front in the middle to act as a collar and could be used with a lead. I bought this one from Extreme Restraints and I highly recommend it. Not very expensive and it can take quite a bit.
This is a red PVC straitjacket. It zips up the back, has a crotch strap and straps on the ends of the sleeves that all buckle. Not terribly secure, but it has a nice look. I enjoy the shiny PVC. I got it from the lovely Artemis Antone. Thanks sweetie!
(Artemis told me she bought this straitjacket from Versatile Fashions several years ago. I haven't found it or any other straitjacket on their site recently, but if you do please let me know!)

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