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Straitjacket sites and pages:

Greggerbits Homepage
Straitjacketed women in mainstream media.
Camisole de Force
A French straitjacket site. Also check their main site: Best of Fetish
Camicia di Forza - No Escape
An Italian Straitjacket site.
Girl Asylum
Very attractive gals in straitjackets and armbinders. Looks like a variety of 'jackets.
The Duchy
A bondage site that also includes plans for making a straitjacket.
Latex Pajamas
A personal site about Bob (Squirm), his love of straitjackets and rubber.
Medical Bondage
A personal site with some straitjacket and other medical fetish photos.  Good links section.
MSP Bound
Some straitjacket photos as well as other bondage.
Serious Bondage
Article and photos of straitjackets.
The Straitjacket Floats
A kooky site with some funny SJ photos. Articles and other links also.
The Straitjacket Page
Photos of mostly guys in SJ's. There is more SJ info here and links.
Drawings, stories, links and other useful information from a straitjacket fan.
Token Town
There are 12 straitjacket token sets available here.


Affordable Leather
Check their new products for a nice leather straitjacket.
BDSM Store
Leather and PVC straitjackets.
BDSM Toybox
Pvc & leather straitjackets, latex bondage sack, other items. They have a new hot pink PVC 'jacket!
Extreme Restraints
Pvc, leather and canvas straitjackets.
Galactic Sludge
High fashion straitjackets.
Humane Restraint
Straitjackets, medical restraints, law-enforcement restraints (non-scene site)
Straitjackets, institutional restraints, cuffs, restraint kits.
Lost 4 Dreams
Straitjackets and other fetishy clothes.
Max Cita 
Lots of straitjacket's, variety of sizes (great for smaller sizes!)
Medical Toys
A couple of straitjacket styles (canvas and pvc) plus other medical toys and supplies.
PX Direct
"Jail Products" - restraints, inmate uniforms, modular
holding cell  (Can anyone get that restraint chair?!?)
Wartenburg Wheel
Institutional straitjackets and restraints.
German straitjacket shop. I really like "modell 1" and the bodybag.

Houdini and other Magic sites:

Escapology 1
Shopping and info on magic tricks and Houdini.
Houdini's Magic Shop 
Well, its not really his shop, but a fun place to get magic tricks and supplies.
Houdini Tribute 
Lots of historically accurate information about Harry Houdini. A really great site.
Magic Tricks
Magic kits and books, copies of old posters

"Straitjacket" sites:

My First Straitjacket 
Not sure why this site is named this -- the idea is to choose a disgusting flavor of ice cream...
A band.
Straitjacket Circus
Yup, an actual circus.
Straitjacket World
This is a band.



canvas straitjacket and bare feet









pvc straitjacket and boots

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