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I really enjoy shooting straitjacket videos. To some degree, they're easier than other styles of bondage because there isn't the tendency to have miles of rope to deal with for each bondage position, but that doesn't mean that getting someone out quickly is any easier! There are still straps, and sometimes cuffs and locks to deal with, but it all makes for a great shooting day.

Below is information on my straitjacket video productions. I've given a description, as well as some personal commentary, regarding each video.

If you click on a box cover, you will open a new window that will take you to my streaming theater where you can view each of the titles.

"Straitjacket Peril #1" starring Dorothy Laine.
Three long, bound segments show Dorothy Laine in two different styles of straitjacket and institutional restraints. In the first segment, Dorothy agrees to being restrained, stating that she can escape any bondage. (She could use some more Houdini lessons!) Her capture takes photos of her as she wriggles around, trying to escape. Next, Dorothy is on vacation and not interested in doing any bondage, however an avid fan insists that she try the straitjacket he brought along. Dorothy is put in the sj for the afternoon, then restrained by the jacket and strapped to a bed for the night. Lots of wriggling and bare feet!

This was the first straitjacket video I was ever in. This was originally shot as a custom video. I had a lot of fun testing the limits of the SJ and institutional restraints. It definitely made we want to do more.

"Straitjacket Peril #2: The Abduction" starring Dorothy Laine, Tim Woodman.
After being chloroformed and kidnapped, Dorothy wakes up to find herself bound to a hospital bed and being watched by a sinister doctor. She is told that she took a bad fall, and although Dorothy thinks she feels fine, the doctor continues to monitor her. He gives her an injection to "calm her" but refuses to let her out of the restraints. When Dorothy gets too vehement about wanting to be let go, the doctor sends her to solitary confinement, where she is bound in a straitjacket, gagged, and left alone in a small space. She is finally let out... into the waiting clutches of her doctor, who strips and molests her. She fights back, but is made to suffer for it. She's hung by her ankles while bound in the straitjacket with no one to let her down.

Ever since my first time in a straitjacket I wanted to try hanging by my ankles while wearing one. I love suspension bondage and having seen the famous photos of Houdini made we want to give it a whirl. It was a great experience and it made me look forward to trying other SJ suspensions.

"Straitjacket Peril #3: Houdini's Assistants" starring Stacy Burke, Dorothy Laine.
Dorothy Laine finds a trunk in the attic containing straitjackets, leather straps, and a book written by Marco the Magician, assistant to the great Harry Houdini. Dorothy learns that the straitjackets are magic and proceeds to bring Stacy Burke into the fun. Unfortunately for them both, Dorothy really hasn't read the book thoroughly, and has yet to memorize the magic phrases needed to get her and Stacy out of the jackets! A fun, magical video with long straitjacket-bound scenes.

Stacy Burke is such a great gal and it was easy to choose her as the first sidekick in one of my straitjacket productions. Although this video was scripted, I love Stacy's enthusiasm and gift for ad-lib, so many of the conversations, and especially the "magic words", were all done spur-of-the-moment. It meant for a lot of laughs off-screen! It also doesn't hurt that she's so adorable!

"Straitjacket Peril #4: The Institute Incident" starring Alexis Taylor, Artemis Antone, Dorothy Laine.
Poor Artemis is wrapped in a straitjacket and locked in a room. What she doesn't know is Alexis is enduring the same fate right next door! Eventually, the gals figure out someone else besides the crazy nurse Dorothy is around by knocking on the wall between them. Dorothy finds that her two prisoners are communicating so she tries to to keep them apart longer by binding them even more, but Alexis manages to get free and goes to the aid of Artemis. Once that's done, all they have to do is force Dorothy into a straitjacket of her own and then escape from The Institute.

So many folks wanted to see straitjackets used in an institutional-type setting and they wanted to see Alexis and Artemis bound in them. I couldn't resist. Its not easy doing a shoot with more than two models, nor is it inexpensive, but this was totally worth it. I didn't get to do any suspensions in this one, but I still think it turned out just fine.

 "Straitjacket Peril #5: The Collection" starring Lena Ramon, Jewell Marceau, Molly Winters, Karina Ballerina, Aye Provide, Dorothy Laine.
Lena Ramon thinks she's having a routine physical done by Dr. Laine, until she's forced into a straitjacket and told that she's going to be held for a few days "under observation". Lena is led from room to room in this strange institution, seeing more and more ladies bound in straitjackets and strung up or in cages. She encounters Jewell Marceau, ball gagged and bound in a rubber straitjacket, locked in a cage.

Once Lena is placed in her own cage, she also sees Karina Ballerina, suspended en pointe and encased in a black canvas straitjacket. Aye Provide is also in a black canvas straitjacket and bound to an X cross, ball gagged and unable to escape. Lena struggles in her bondage, slowly realizing she has become a part of Dorothy's strange collection.

Some time later a new arrival, Molly Winters, comes to the office for an exam. She too ends up forced into a straitjacket and left to struggle alone in the medical office. Will she also become a member of the collection?

This video took several months to shoot, since there were so many models involved. I also liked having a variety of straitjackets. Jewell was kind enough to provide the rubber on and Slamm provided the one Lena wears throughout the video. All of the models really enjoyed struggling in the straitjackets. I've found that they struggle harder in these rather than rope bondage -- I guess they feel safer.


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